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Shanghai Hengtuda Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that develops and sells CAD/CAE/CAM software, technical support services and training, engineering technology consulting and related technology development, mainly engaged in the research, development and application of automotive passive safety, crash simulation and other application fields CAE simulation and other related technologies.
In line with the tenet of "perseverance, forge ahead", the company works closely with domestic and foreign software development companies, software agency companies, technical consulting companies, training centers, colleges and universities, etc., and wholeheartedly helps Chinese enterprises to better learn from and share advanced design strategies and design methods at home and abroad, and more effectively use advanced tools such as experiments and CAE simulation to achieve product innovation, improve product quality, and improve product competitiveness.
  • 2023

    Signed Ansys first-class agent qualification

  • 2019

    Geely Automobile Group's LS-DYNA uses > 10,000 cores for technical support services

  • 2018

    Completed the double-deck stainless steel EMU project in Philadelphia, North America, and received a letter of commendation from CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd

  • 2017

    2017 Best Supplier in CAE Field in China

  • 2016

    Completed the development of BAIC Phantom S6 collision five-star CAE

  • 2015

    Undertake the design of collision energy absorption and the strength analysis of the car body of the Boston subway train (CRRC long passenger) in the United States

  • 2012

    Won the Shanghai Thousand Talents Plan Enterprise

  • 2011

    Won the Shanghai Pujiang Talent Plan Enterprise

  • 2009

    Shanghai Hengstar Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established in Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park

Technical service

Design Improvement and Development of Automotive Components

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Software sales, technical services and training, engineering consulting, and technical development

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